Lovely meeting

Lucky we had an opportunity to meet Mr. Kagii who is one of the best underwater photographers in Japan and author of the very thoughtful & impressive underwater photo collection call `Lumpfish`

He seen the earthquake disaster and reproduction of marine life from the bottom of the sea.  It remained me a reality and at the same time gave me a hope for the future.

The earthquake and Tsunami devastated Tohoku area.  There are still a lot of household goods that flowed into the sea by the Tsunami. However, I could clearly see that fishes are struggling to survive and creating a new marine life there.

In this photo collection, a little lumpfish is smiling.  Beside his pretty smile, I felt a strong vital power. I got a lot of courage and power from this little lumpfish !

Mr. Kagii spent 2 years to complete his work, but it is not the end.  He will continuously keep taking an underwater  photo in Miyagi prefecture and show us a marine life there in afterwards.

I truly want everyone to take a look at this wonderful piece of work !